We will keep your data for the maximum of 21 days as required by the NHS Test and Trace scheme.
Your data is held in a GDPR compliant cloud solution. For full details of our platform, please visit www.promotigo.com
In the event of someone who is here today testing positive and reporting this to the NHS Test and Trace team, Promotigo will provide your data to the NHS team or the venue. We will never pass you data on to other 3rd parties or to market to you. For full details read our privacy policy.
Your data is held in European Economic Area.
If you wish your data to be removed from our system or to understand the data we hold on you, please contact here. For full details of how we use your data, please see the privacy policy.
You will receive an onscreen message that your data has been securely submitted and an email with details of your registration.
We ask that you register each time you visit the venue on a different day. You only need to register once per day at each venue you visit.
Your details are held against the venues you have visited, so yes please comply with the rules of each of the places that you visit.
You do not need to enter any details for children under 13. Please ensure that the responsible adult who is with the children registers.
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